Lincoln Dreyer Crum was born and raised on a small farm in Southern Indiana. The original farmhouse has been occupied by four generations of the Crum family. On the farm as a young boy Lincoln was surrounded by acres of soybeans, livestock ranging from rabbits to cattle and every farm implement imaginable. Lincoln's favorite thing about the farm was the warmth and love provided by three generations of family living, working and dreaming together.

At a very early age Lincoln discovered that the real values of his farm were the lessons to be learned from all those who surrounded him. From his first job working on his father’s small "u-pick" vegetable field to his current profession of entrepreneur/professional speaker, Lincoln continues to work the soil of his own personal "farm," fertilize his crops and harvest his dreams.

In the early 1970’s the farm was sold to a local real estate developer and the family farm’s crops slowly faded from soybeans, corn and dairy cattle to brick ranch homes and vinyl sided cape cods. The gradual process taught Lincoln at an early age the importance of transition.

Lincoln's charismatic self-style approach of entrepreneurship is contagious. Lincoln's vision of Harvesting the Dream is a pleasure for all those who come to hear the message. His analogy of farming to living the life you desire keeps audiences captivated and excited about entering the world of entrepreneurship.


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