Lincoln’s keynotes, talks and leadership sessions:
Face first what you fear most: Gravity on my side!

Jumping out of an airplane was always a dream of Lincoln’s but he couldn’t get past his fear of actually doing it. One morning Lincoln woke up and decided to face first what he feared most, skydiving.

During the recount of his experience he weaves together the analogy of starting a new company (getting in the plane), keeping it going (jumping out), dealing with difficult times (parachute problems) and always staying grounded (landing feet first). Overcoming fears in today’s business economy seems to be one of the most difficult tasks facing entrepreneurs, especially new ones. Having started and kept alive five companies before he age 30, Lincoln finds a great deal of comparison in building and nurturing start ups with skydiving. Hold on to your seat because after Lincoln speaks to your group you’ll be ready to get up and take on the world.


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