Here is what they have to say about Lincoln Crum:

On communication and speaking:

"I think flexibility and being able to communicate
effectively are the two most important traits essential
to success in today's marketplace. Both of these
traits have become second nature to Lincoln. I have
seen Lincoln demonstrate these traits when we requested
him to represent our company at trade shows and conduct
marketing seminars for both new and seasoned fun park
operators. He passionately and effectively conveys his

Patrick Boylan, Vice President
Harris Miniature Golf Courses, Inc.

"Your ability to speak and entertain the various groups
was extremely beneficial to the marketing efforts of
our company."

Erin Delaney, Account Director
Marketing Connections Group, Inc.

"Lincoln Crum is the most energetic and enthusiastic
person I have ever met. I recently had the opportunity
to hear Lincoln speak and he is tremendously
motivating. His stories are wonderful and he speaks
from the heart about his life's lessons. I hope to
hear Lincoln speak again soon."

Laura Greenwell, President
Dragonfly Design, Inc.


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